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Games 'ranked' by popularity. Until we get dynamic voting capability embedded into the site this will be more of a manually updated list which basically means if you really really love a game (or your kids love a game) then put in into the Popular list. 

Award Winning[]

Games that have received special kudos, awards, won competitions, etc. Competition Award Winners:

  • Mazing Race - 1st place - Teams compete to create the most challenging marble maze out of a cereal box and 10 straws.
  • Kansuko for Kids - 2nd place - Kansuko is a logic game based off of the classic Sudoku that uses a modified board and incorporates basic addition to challenge your mind and your patience!
  • Brainswarming - Runner up - A group problem solving game that streteches creative thinking, logical diagraming, and more.
  • Hoop Sums - Runner up - A team-based game that gives children the mental math practice they need to become fluent in addition while at the same time providing elements of logic, problem solving, and fun in the form of thought-provoking puzzles.
  • Bloc Runners - Runner up - Players traverse a geometrical map through arranging puzzle blocks in order to complete the level and reach the exit.

Most Popular[]

Games that people love based upon real-world feedback.