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Jump Rope Words
Jump Rope Words
Posting Details
Country of origin United States
Created by Elise N. Khanijao
Posted by Elise N. Khanijao
Date first posted February 10, 2014
Game details
Game genre Physical + language based
Game summary A mix of jump-roping and sentence creation that blends physical activity with word and language creation.
# of players 2+
For ages 6 to 12

Other details

Game Designer / Creator[]

  • Created by Elise N. Khanijao (

Game Summary[]

Take your jump rope games to the next level!

Beginners: Count how many jumps you do. When you stop, come up with a word that has as many letters as the number of jumps you performed.

Experts: If you know how to jump a lot with a rope, your number of jumps can be the position of a letter in the alphabet (ex: 1 = A) and the word you select starts with that letter. Choose your word carefully because it has to fit into the growing sentence that the group is creating. For example, suppose the first person is a beginner, makes 4 jumps in a row and chooses the word “Dogs.” The second person is an expert, makes 7 jumps in a row, and must choose a verb that begins with the letter “G” (since “G” is the 7th letter of the alphabet). This jumper chooses “growl,” so now we have “Dogs growl” as our emerging sentence. The next jumper will have to select a word that continues to grow the emerging sentence. If a jumper cannot add a word that grows the sentence, then that jumper is out for this round (i.e., until this sentence is finished and you start a new one).

Players / Moderators[]

  • 6 to 12 years old
  • 2 or more players
  • Two-player version: Each person holds their own rope.
  • Three- or more-player version: Two people hold a long rope, one person jumps, and anyone can count.

Game Set-up and Construction[]

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and/or construct the game.

  • Take a rope. Jump. Count how many jumps you do. Then come up with a word.

Details on materials needed including alternatives if possible.

  • Rope for jumping.

Estimated cost to get the game up and running and to operate on an ongoing basis.

  • 5$: cost of the cheapest rope.

How to Play / Game Rules[]

Have fun jumping the rope. Count how many jumps you do. When you can’t jump anymore, rest your body and activate your mind. With the number of jumps you did, come up with one of the following:

  1. Beginners: A word that has the same length of letters as your jumps (e.g., 4 jumps = goof)
  2. Experts: The number of jumps gives you the starting letter of your word (e.g., 1 jump = A, 2 jumps = B, etc.) Then pick a word STARTING with that letter.
  3. Carefully select your word so that it can be added to the growing sentence that the group is forming.
  4. If a player cannot choose a word that continues the sentence, that player is out for the remainder of the round (i.e., until the sentence is completed and the group starts to form a new sentence).

Templates / Diagrams[]

Jump Rope Words

A simple illustration and a chart to count the alphabet more easily for younger kids.

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